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Learn how our corporate wellness software can support your organisation with a full spectrum of health and wellbeing features which help change lifestyles through an employee wellbeing app. 

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Percentage of employees reporting behavioural health problems in the UK


Not eating a 

healthy diet


Exceeding alcohol 


Sleeping less than 
seven hours a night


Are current


physical activity

Corporate wellness platform

PAM Life is a corporate wellness platform that helps you manage your corporate wellbeing strategy in an efficient and engaging way.

PAM Life is easy to roll out and we provide ongoing employee engagement, linking up with you to make company wellness campaigns easy; align with our yearly wellbeing calendar and receive content you can send out across your organisation or direct to all your employee’s to keep them inspired and engaged.

Employee wellbeing app


A personal wellness dashboard for your employees 

PAM Life corporate wellness software allows your employees monitor their health and wellbeing, update health measurements and track progress over time.

Wellbeing assessments

Enable your employees to find out their wellness score, discover areas for growth and development.

Stepping Stones - goal setting feature

Sustained engagement with the platform through goal setting. Encouraging improvements for overall wellness.

Get inspired with media resources from wellness experts

PAM Life employee wellbeing app contains a wealth of media content stored within the platform which can be accessed by each and every user and provide advice that results in health benefits.

​Content has been provided in partnership with award-winning specialists including: Instructor Live online fitness coaching and exercise videos for users to follow along at home. 

Change Your Thinking: A range of video courses teaching life skills that are based on the tried and trusted CBT approach, to aim to improve employee mental health, wellbeing and resilience.

Support your wellbeing strategy with our wellness calendar

Implement a wellness programme that will boost your the impact of you wellbeing strategy with monthly campaigns and promotional materials to help maximise health engagement and usage.

PAM Life 

Premium Add Ons

Customise PAM Life around your unique business needs with our premium add on features

Wellness Coaches

Expert wellness coaching specialising in areas of health, fitness, mind and nutrition. Wellness coaches offer unlimited support to PAM Life users via live chat - a unique employee benefit. 

What better way to keep your employees engaged and motivated than empowering them with a personal coach right in their pocket? 

Health Genie Kiosk integration

The mobile Health Genie kiosks are uniquely integrated into the PAM Life corporate wellness software. Kiosks are optional for clients to deploy in their locations.

Employees can complete a health assessment using the Health Genie in under five minutes. Key health data is recorded including height, weight, blood pressure, BMI and heart rate. PAM Life user profiles are instantly updated with the health metrics displaying within the user’s personal dashboard.

Cognitive behavioural therapy courses

Our online cognitive behaviour therapy is a clinically effective treatment for anxiety and depression.

Cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) focuses on how your thoughts, beliefs and attitudes affect your feelings and behaviour while teaching you coping skills for dealing with different problems.

It is easy to use, confidential and available and supported on smart devices, laptops, tablets and phones.

Results you can shout about

View trend analysis on the health profile of your workforce with our corporate wellness tracking software. Get detailed summary of your enrolled population's progress, health engagement and see the value of PAM Life and get meaningful results.

Meaningful results

Over 82 %

of users who participated in a recent survey state they made positive lifestyle changes as a result of their experience with PAM Life.

PAM Life NPS Score

NPS - 28

asking our users ''how likely are you to recommend PAM Life to a colleague or friend?'' we received a net promoter score of 28 which is ranked as 'GOOD'

Outstanding engagement

Over 52 %

of users who subscribe to our monthly campaigns engage with new content that encourages positive behavioural change. 


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