About PAM Life

PAMLife is a personal wellness coach in your pocket, helping you make healthy and lasting changes, for a better body and mind, towards a better balanced life.

We believe every individual can make healthy and lasting change to their body and mind so that they can live a better-balanced life. The PAMLife wellness platform is a digital holistic health product that is designed to assess and improve individual wellbeing. Our expert wellness coaches are available online to help empower people to meet personalised wellbeing and health goals.

The story so far...


Founder of PAM Life James 
Murphy spends 14 years working 
to improve the health and 
wellbeing of employees in some 
of the biggest corporate and 
public sector organisations 
across the UK.


PAM Life launches to employees of its first client organisation.


PAM Life expands its national 
footprint by launching into the consumer market with a subscription-based offering.


PAM Life first launches as a wellness company with a team of four wellness coaches.


PAM Life has over 12,000 registered users across 10 organisations across the UK offered as a health benefit to their employees.

PAM Life are healthcare specialists, since 2004 from our origins in occupational health we have built long lasting customer relationships. We now launch our consumer coaching to deliver a healthier and happier life for our customers. We are PAM Life and this is what we do. 

Improve Health and Wellbeing

While health and wellbeing is diverse, we have one objective to help our customers live a healthier and happier life. Whether they want to lose weight, feel less troubled, get fitter, manage their health or take more control of their lives, we will strive to help them achieve their goals with our people and the services we provide. 


We deliver what we promise. If our customers feel that one of our services doesn’t live up to their expectations, we’ll gladly honour our warranty. We keep things clear, simple, and direct.  

You having Trust in us is so important to us. 


Customer First

Our customers want and deserve fast, reliable, and knowledgeable health and wellbeing coaching. We aim to deliver that during each and every interaction with them. We will put our customer first. 

We are health care professionals. Our health and wellbeing coaching is designed to suit our customers. We never ever do the exact same thing everyone else is doing.  

We believe in researching what’s already working and then improving and innovating beyond the previous options. This is how we play our part in making our customer’s world a better place. 

Delivering Value

Continually Improve

With us, it will never be about making a quick buck. We want to develop lifelong relationships with our customers. To do that, we deliver lots of value, so that they’ll hopefully appreciate this 2-way relationship as much as we do. 

We will never just bring a product to market and then quit working on it. We will continue to seek customer feedback and make improvements over time. Our services will always remain evergreen and improvement will be a cornerstone of our success. 

Great People deliver Great Service

An organisation is only as good as its team. We aim to hire stars—people who will go the extra mile to deliver the absolute best to our customers, because they deserve nothing less than our very best. 

We are PAMLife!

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