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We believe in a better you. Our team of qualified and experienced wellness coaches are here to help you make healthy and lasting change in your life. Speak to us today via the app, which includes hundreds of digital tools and wellbeing resources to keep you positive, active and motivated.

The importance of professional coaching

We follow a client-led approach, grounded in behavioural change techniques, which include motivational interviewing and insight from cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) in designing your path to health and wellness. When you fail to achieve a goal, it's usually due to one (or more) of three key blockers:


a lack of desire in taking positive action

''I don't care enough''


a lack of understanding in the right path to follow

''I'm not sure what I'm doing is right''


a lack of ability to cope with adversity

''I'm worried I will fail''

Our approach is to tackle each of these areas to help you on your journey.

Your new health and wellness app includes

One-to-one Wellness Coaching 
A team of wellness coaches dedicated to you, available via call, video call and live chat.
My PAM Life Score
Your holistic wellness score based on our experts' proprietary algorithm.
Stepping Stones
An easy way to set goals, track progress and develop lasting, healthy habits.
Home Workout Videos
Workout classes you can follow from home including Yoga, Pilates and more.
Mind Matters
Your mental health hub with meditation, breathing and mindfulness resources.
Food Friend
Track your calorie intake to stay on top of your weight management goals.
Guided Courses
Developed by experts and designed to boost all areas of your wellness.
Change Your Thinking
CBT courses teaching you how to cope with a range of feelings and emotions.

Where we can help, some examples

Weight Loss
Intuitive Eating
Eating Well
Plant Based Diets
Positive Mindset
Body Positivity
Mental Resilience
Home Workout Plan
Fitness Plan
Post-pregnancy Fitness
Injury Prevention
Diabetes Prevention
Sleep Problems
CVD Risk Reduction

Over a quarter of a million people already have access to PAM Life, so join us in making the world a happier, healthier place.

Join us and make a difference!


The psychology behind making any habit stick.

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