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Success Stories: How wellness coaching contributed towards Amanda’s marathon ambition

Updated: Jun 1, 2020

“PAM Life has lots of useful advice and support to start you on the way, including training plans for all kinds exercise. Try the Wellness Test for starters.”

Amanda had stopped working out in her local gym classes but thanks to the help and encouragement she found through PAM Life she has found the motivation she needed to get active again.

Amanda is 56 years old and works within the public sector for a large governmental department with over 10,000 employees. Her employer had recently purchased the PAM Life corporate package with additional personal wellness coaching and Amanda first discovered information about the platform when she spotted a poster in her workplace breakroom which prompted her to sign up on the spot using her phone. After receiving helpful weekly tips on living well to her email in box, which she had tried to incorporate into her daily life, she received an email which prompted her to get in touch with a PAM Life wellness coach, which she did out of interest to see how they could help her.  

“Despite my age and appearance (my BMI indicates I am obese), I have always been a pretty active person; swimming before work, attending spin and circuit classes,” says Amanda. But when her personal trainer left the gym she attended, she lost a lot of motivation and stopped attending all classes. Coupled with an anxiety of getting to know new people, Amanda found herself with a barrier to overcome if she wanted to find a new club that could help improve her health and fitness.  

Amanda spoke with a PAM Life wellness coach via the app’s built in messaging platform who was able to understand that what she needed was a plan to help with ways of changing her mindset, helping overcome the anxiety of meeting new people. 

“I now have multiple running partners! With the help of the coaches, and a stern talking to myself, I was able to join my local running club who have further motivated me to run the London Marathon,” says Amanda.

Further to that, her PAM Life coach was able to further compliment a plan outlined by the running club, advising what kind of foods she should be eating, other exercises and stretches she should try and how best to strengthen and prepare ahead of her big challenge.  

Amanda is now all signed up and preparing for the big day of running the marathon and thanks PAM Life for offering her the motivation she needed to make a healthy change.




We believe every individual can live a better balanced life. PAM Life helps you understand where you currently are and where you might want to go. Our wellness coaches help you navigate personal issues and achieve your goals with expert guidance. 

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