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Make healthy and lasting changes

Personalised help and guidance towards a healthy body and mind

Lose weight and establish healthier eating habits

Change your thinking towards a better balanced life

Get more active and reach new performance levels

Reduce health risks and improve health habits

A guide to reaching 
your unique goals

Get personalised, friendly wellness coaching fully tailored to your needs.

Set goals and access wellness tools to help you achieve them. 

Track insightful health data and see your progress on your personal dashboard.

Connect to your fitness device.

Wellbeing courses designed by our team of PAM Life coaches.

A personal wellness coach, right in your pocket

Meet some of our friendly PAM Life coaches

Ready to take charge of a health condition?

''I help people make small, sustainable changes to their 
lifestyle that become habits. This ensures your health is
improved over months and years, not just a few weeks.''


Health Coach

Alex has helped countless PAM Life users to take charge of health conditions such as cardiovascular disease and diabetes. Managing a health condition can be hard, but you don't have to go it alone with wellness coaching.


I would highly recommend PAM Life to everyone.

- Alicia

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My PAM Life wellness coach was excellent!

- Gareth

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I feel motivated in myself after speaking to a PAM Life Wellness Coach.

- Karen

''Try the Wellness Test for starters.''


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Improving individual

wellness through

a digital platform

Discover your wellness score

Explore plans to improve with your PAM Life coach

Become the best version of yourself


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