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What is this charge from PAM Life?

PAM Life, is a subscription-based, digital wellness coaching service that sells monthly and yearly memberships, stand-alone coaching sessions, and workplace wellness programmes. 

If you see one of these charges on your account statement and are unsure why, here are some possible reasons behind it. 

£20.00 (plus applicable sales tax) 

If you enrolled in a free trial, membership charges begin following the 28-day free trial period. PAM Life will charge the card you used to create your PAM Life account to avoid any disruptions to your service and benefits, including: 

Advanced notice of exclusive sales and member-only promotions 

Easy Exchanges return policy 

You can see all of your membership benefits here. At any time, you may place your account on hold with the help of our customer care team, or cancel your membership online.


A £0.01 charge on your billing statement is an authorisation hold from your bank on a recently-placed order with PAM Life. This is only a temporary charge. If you purchased an additional PAM Life service, or attempted to enrol in a free trial offer, this £0.01 charge will appear on your billing statement, and should go away quickly.


Other charges from PAM Life may include a year’s membership purchased upfront in a reduced single payment of £180.00 (plus applicable sales tax). When you purchase a membership, you have the option of paying for a 12-month membership or a rolling monthly membership.  

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